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Check out what some of our members had to say at the end of their CSA season.
"Mountain Sun Farm's CSA has been a wonderful experience for my husband and I. We have enjoyed incorporating more diverse and healthier options into our diet. We are always excited each week to see what the bounty is. As for Brian and Liz, you can’t find more genuine people. I highly recommend joining their CSA."

"Thank you for providing such wonderfully healthy and tasty food! I have thoroughly enjoyed the variety of food. Pretty much every week was like a little mini-Christmas morning. I enjoyed trying veggies that were new to me. The business side of the product has been excellent as well. Communication is perfect. I know what I am receiving a couple days prior to delivery and the tips on storage and recipes are very helpful. The 3-bags system works well. I also gave two weeks of my CSA to a coworker when I went on vacation. It was so nice to give such a healthy gift. I rave about the CSA to everyone I know. I have zero complaints about the product or the process and once again I sincerely thankful for safe, high quality, delicious food!"

"I have loved my CSA veggies this Summer. I subscribed to both the Spring and Summer, and it was always so nice to have good, fresh, organic produce in my refrigerator. I discovered roasted radishes, Awesome!"

"With busy schedules, grocery shopping is not my favorite chore these days. It's been such a great relief to not have to think about what veggies to pick up anymore. We just stock the pantry with the essentials and make whatever the week brings us. We've discovered some new favorites and have enjoyed spending time learning and cooking together. Thank you for making our lives healthier!"

"We had been purchasing delicious produce from Liz and Brian at Pepper Place, and when we found out about their CSA, we joined immediately! The quality of their organic produce is excellent! We have enjoyed expanding our menus by trying trying some of the different food items the bags include, and having the recipes on the website has been very helpful. Eating fresh from the garden food is the most delicious and healthy way anyone can eat! It makes me happy to purchase food from people that care about feeding others in a healthy way! Their hard work is very commendable. Can't wait to see what they come up with next year!"

"Truly my most favorite part of living in Birmingham thus far! You guys are such a pleasure to communicate with and we have enjoyed our CSA even more than I imagined! We ate healthier because of our CSA and our grocery bill decreased because I was making fewer trips to the grocery store. Plus, the quality and taste of the produce from our CSA was infinitely better than anything from the grocery store. Thank you guys for all your hard work and providing us with the best produce around!!"

"So wonderful to get fresh produce weekly and support the local farmers. It's also nice to have a reason to find new recipes and discover something new that you love!"

"My first experience with a CSA. SO pleased with everything!!! Looking forward to 2020."

"Mountain Sun has been our best CSA experience over years and years of trying. The quality and quantity is excellent. Even for just the two of us. We look forward to every pick-up day."

"Thank you for your enormous efforts on the farm and the additional effort you make to bring your produce to B’ham pickup. I used every vegetable and enjoyed them all. The love and care you have for agribusiness shines through the crops. I am a fan for life."

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