CSA Policies
Farmer and Member Agreement

Before joining our CSA we ask that all potential members please read though the following guidelines. This helps create a clear understanding between the farmers and members. 

Payments: We use a CSA software called Farmigo for managing CSA payments, store add-ons, etc. You will make an account with Farmigo to purchase a share and then you will be able to log on to make changes to your pickup site, put your share on hold, add on to your share, and more! We accept credit card and check through Farmigo and have multiple payment options including: pay in full, half payment, and quarter payments. 

Share Size/Contents: We have one share size which is a $20 retail value each week.  This share size has proven to work for family sizes of 1-4 with larger families or veggie lovers being able to add on produce from our store each week to make their share larger. You can view our photos on our main CSA page to see exact shares from previous seasons. While you can add-on produce to your share, we do not provide substitutions for the original share contents. We encourage you to try veggies you think you don't like in a new way or gift them to a friend or family member. 

Share Length: Our CSA runs for 30 weeks. We start with the ripening of the strawberries (mid April) and run until mid November. We will let members know approximately 2 weeks in advance the exact CSA start date. We have 2 "skip weeks" built in for vacations or sick leave where the member can can log on to their account and request to skip without losing any money. The skip weeks do not have to be used. 

Communication: We send out one email on Sunday with a share estimate for your meal planning purposes and a link to where you can purchase add-ons. We also send out a newsletter each Tuesday morning with share photos, storage tips, recipes, and farm news. Please check your spam folders for emails and add our email address to your contacts. Email is our primary source of communication since our cell service can be spotty at the farm so it is important that you open and read each email in case it contains important information about your share or site. 

Refunds: If you are unsatisfied with the quality of your share, please email us within 48 hours with descriptions of damage, photos, etc. We strive to deliver high quality organic produce each week and your communication helps us to identify and solve problems quickly. We will determine share refunds for quality on a case by case basis. We cannot provide refunds for forgetting to pick up a share or getting to the pickup site after hours. 

Cancellation: We understand that life happens and you may need to cancel your share. Please email us for a prorated refund for moving, change in situation, etc.

Pickup Location Etiquette: We rely on the kindness of other small businesses and families to host pickup sites for our members. We ask that you please observe your pickup times carefully and be respectful to your site hosts.

  • Businesses may be closed or families may be reading bedtime stories after hours and you are not guaranteed your share if you arrive outside of pick up hours. Shares that are not picked up by end of day are donated to site hosts. 

  • Please be sure to fold your bag and place it inside the bin for storage. 

  • If you have someone picking up for you, please be sure they know what to do and that they only take the share with your name on it.