Is all of the produce certified organic?
Yes, all of our crops are certified organic by QCS.

Does all of the produce come from your farm?
Yes.  We do not buy-in produce from other farms. 

How much produce is in the bag each week?
Each week you will receive a $20 retail value (at least). You can view the photos on our CSA page to see shares from previous seasons. Our share is meant to be friendly for single folks and small families, but it will vary based on the amount of produce you eat each week. If you have a family of 4+, are vegetarian/vegan, juice, or are looking to add more vegetables into your diet you can always purchase 2 shares or supplement your share with a weekly farmers' market trip. We also offer "add ons" from our online store each week to be purchased Sun-Tues and delivered with your CSA bag. 

What if I can't pick up my bag one week?

1. If you unexpectedly can't make it to the pick-up location, we would encourage you to ask a friend to pick it up (either for you or as a gift to them). 

2. If you can let us know at least 2 days in advance of your pickup day, you can use a "Vacation Week". Each member receives two "Vacation Weeks" where they can skip a weeks' delivery without losing the value of the share. If you do not use your "Vacation Weeks" your share will end at 30 weeks, or you can choose to pay for two additional weeks. You will request to skip a delivery on your Farmigo account. 

3. If you forget to pickup your share before the pick-up location closes, your produce will be donated to the pick-up location.  The pick-up locations are volunteering to host and we can't expect them hold produce after closing hours. Since we will have already dropped your produce off, we can't use a "Vacation Week". 

Can I pick what vegetables come in my bag?
Sorry, no at this time we don't have a system that would enable this.  The produce will be a mix of what we're harvesting that week. We encourage you to try new recipes and reach out to us or other CSA members for tips on using vegetables you are averse to. 

We also offer the option for our members to "add-on" to their share each week by making additional online purchases of produce. We send out a forecast email on Sunday with share contents and orders are made by members online Sunday-Tuesday and added into the share bag. 
Will I know in advance what's in my bag?
Yes, we will send out the farm newsletter before you pick up your share. It will include a list of all the items in your bag and some recipes to help get your creative juices flowing.

What bag do I take home?
Our protocols have changed due to COVID-19  and we now ask for members to leave the insulated logo bag with the name-tag at the site in the bin. Inside the logo bag with your name tag you will find your produce in a green bio-bag. This is what you take home. This way we do not have bags coming back from members homes. 

Can I come visit the farm?
Yes, CSA members are welcome to visit the farm.  We ask that you email us in advance to schedule a time.